Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko Uchida at Severance Hall
mitsuko uchidaEvery country that enjoys classical music wants to attract the best musicians in the world to their concert halls. But getting the best musicians through your doors is a difficult task considering the competition internationally. Reputation is the most vital element to bring in big names and one venue which ticks all of the boxes in the USA is the historic Severance Hall. Now one of the world's most prominent pianists Mitsuko Uchida is performing in this most glorious of settings.
The Tokyo born Mitsuko has played in some of all of the most prestigious orchestras across the globe and has won a plethora of awards including the Gramophone Award for her interpretation of Mozart's sonatas. So this represents a major coup for the organisers.
Severance Hall first opened its doors in 1931 and became an instant hit with the music loving public. It is the home of the Cleveland Orchestra and is recognised as one of the most beautifully ornate concert halls in America. The location is perfect for such a historic centre piece of classical music on one of the leafy neighbourhoods in the University Circle. It is Georgian in style which is reflected in the marvellous grand entrance foyer which has a series of beautiful columns. It has even featured in Harrison Ford's blockbuster movie Air Force One.
But if you are less interested in aesthetics and architecture and care more about the sound it creates, then this building has some truly impressive lungs. It comes equipped with a 94-rank Norton Memorial Organ, which was built by Ernest M. Skinner who is regarded as one of the finest craftsman ever. The work was completed in 1930 and now contains over 6,025 pipes to create a truly enchanting sound that fills the entire space. The workmanship is so good, and the sound is so pitch perfect, that the organ is seen as one of the very best in existence.
This truly breath-taking space is great for the traditional arrangements likes of Mozart and Beethoven, but it also provides a space for challenging contemporary work. Currently, the venue is working side by side with the world famous Mitsuko Uchida who has been performing Mozart in her own distinctive style. Uchida is a truly international talent and you can get tickets to see her here:
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