IQA World Cup VI

IQA World Cup VI
iqa world cup viThe Harry Potter Franchise recently ended. Following the release of the last book and film “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows” it has all gone quiet in Hogwarts. Although there was huge outcry for more books, JK Rowling has now hung up her quill for children's literature and has started writing fiction for a more grown up audience. But the spirit of Harry Potter lives on in numerous guises and it will last for many years to come, particularly in the USA. In Florida the international Quidditch Association World Cup is due to take place in April 13th-14th. Here the fanatical HP fan is able to immerse themselves in the world of spells, magic and ruthless sporting competition.
The story goes that JK Rowling had the idea for this most popular of children's novels during a train journey from Manchester to London. She had a vision of a boy who didn't know he was a wizard, who had his world turned upside down after an invitation to strange school for sorcerers. Who would have thought that from such humble beginnings, a boring train journey to the South of England, a cultural phenomenon would arise? And more unlikely perhaps, the author has created her own sport in the process, which people now play as if it were real.
The competition has all of the makings to be a really authentic Quidditch experience; the only difference of course is a lack of flying broomsticks and magic. The event will take place in Austin, Tindall Park, and Fox News has described the merriment as "a cross between the superbowl and a medieval festival."
As many as 80 teams will descend on the hallowed turf from colleges up and down the USA. But if the movies taught us anything, it is that Quidditch is not for the weak-hearted. Especially when over 1,600 broom-wielding participants will jostle for position in what is essentially a full-throttle contact sport.
But there are other elements to the entertainment, not just running about after bludgers and quaffles, and it will incorporate live music performances, magicians, fancy dress and much more.
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