Green Day Return to US Tour

Green Day Return to US Tour
green day return to us tourGreen Day have been around the block a few times since bursting onto the scene in the mid 90s with their debut album Dookie. Despite some chaotic times in their recent history (including a meltdown by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong live onstage) the band are set to continue on their tour of the USA sounding better than ever.
The iconic trio returned to the stage in Chicago, Allstate Arena, in March for the first time since Billie Joe was entered into rehab last year. Fans will be pleased to see the punk rockers putting this difficult period behind them. And who knows? A rejuvenated Billie Joe could open a new chapter of creativity in their careers.
It seemed as if the band had played their last show last year after Billie Joe suffered a breakdown while performing at the iHeartRadio Festival. In the aftermath they had to scrap a number of scheduled appearances and tour dates while he received treatment for a drug problem. It is not generally in their makeup to take time off, and when Billie Joe was released from the rehab centre with a clean bill of health, they were keen to get back on stage and blow off the cobwebs. This culminated in a number of small shows before getting back into the big arenas.
Their fans are notoriously fanatical and were particularly emotional for the return gig in the Allstate. Green Day took a trip down memory lane, playing through their hits and kept the crowd in a state of frenzy with songs like Holiday, When I Come Around, Warning, When September Ends and Basket Case. But they also gave the crowd a special treat with a cover of the Guns N' Roses hit Sweet Child O'Mine.
Armstrong is intensely private but tried to alleviate any concerns when he addressed the crowd of his recent troubles. He said: "It's been a slightly unpredictable path. But I wouldn't trade it for the world."
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