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Farmers markets are one of the best destinations for foodies to get a feel for a new town or city. You'll be able to browse through some of the freshest produce from the state around, while trying goodies that are unique to the area, like pecans in Texas and South Carolina, cactus honey in New Mexico and catfish in Louisiana. Markets like these are also hubs for chefs and street food, and you'll be sure to find a food truck or humble stall to try some creative or traditional local fare.
Union Square Greenmarket
Founded in 1976, historic Union Square greenmarket is a staple farmers market in New York City. Over 140 different farmers, fishermen and bakers from the region sell their wares here, and shoppers are spoilt for choice. Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, come here early, at 8 am in the morning to have the best pick of the produce on offer here. You'll find some of the country's best cheese, bread and flowers for sale at Union Square. It's a renowned market where you might even spot some famous faces and local chefs.
Charleston Square Greenmarket
The town of Charleston in South Carolina is well known for being a foodie haven, as the miles of lush countryside around are the perfect place to grow, hunt and gather perfectly fresh ingredients. Open every Saturday from April to December, don't miss some of the incredible produce for sale, like blueberries, pecans and grass-fed beef. If all that shopping has got you hungry, indulge in some of the street food on offer here, with local dishes like shrimp and grits providing the ultimate in southern country fare.
Santa Fe Farmers Market
New Mexico plays host to one of America's biggest farmers markets, so make sure you visit the Santa Fe Farmers Market while you're here. You'll be able to try produce from more than 150 different vendors - make sure you indulge in those which have a particularly southwestern flare. Fantastic produce grows bountifully in this state, from mesquite cactus honey to corn in every colour of the rainbow. Head over on Tuesday and Saturday mornings and even take some of the gorgeous cut flowers on display back home with you.
SFC Farmers' Market Downtown
The food in southern city Austin is world renowned, and you'll be spoilt for choice at this hip market. SFC stands for Sustainable Food Centre and you'll be blessed with a selection of local, ethically sourced goodies. Every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm, head over to Republic Square and set up a picnic in the adjoining green space. There's often live music, and you can try local honey from Rand Rock Honey and fresh organic shiitake from Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farms.
Crescent City Farmers Market
Some of the most incredible food culture in America hails from New Orleans, and you'll be able to find it all for sale at the Crescent City Farmers Market. Every Saturday, the market sets up in the downtown area and local delights like blue crabs and catfish line the stalls, particularly in the summer months. From 8 am to 12 noon, you'll also be treated to live music and cooking demonstrations, so come early and make a day of it.
Portland Farmers' Market
Every Saturday the campus of Portland State University comes alive with Oregon's most bustling farmers market. Attracting more than 150 different producers, you can try everything from locally grown chestnuts to free-range meat you may not have tried before, like boar, bison and yak. It's best to visit here in the summer months, where you can feast on punnets of raspberries and other colourful fruit and veg. Don't miss their unique fermentation section, where you can sample healthful homemade products like fizzy kombucha and freshly pressed tempeh.
Pike Place Market
One of America's most popular farmer's markets is Pike Place Market, which takes place every week in downtown Seattle. Overlooking the waterfront, it is one of the oldest continuously operating public markets in the USA and attracts more than 80 different farmers here to sell their wares. Don't miss astounding local produce like huckleberries and mushrooms as you wander up and down the historic cobbled streets. You'll also find demonstrations by local chefs, so you can leave with new culinary skills to test out the produce you've found.


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