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The huge range of dramatic landscapes in America mean it's no surprise that some of the world's most incredible races and running events can be found here. From the windswept Californian coast to the red rock scenery of the southwest, you'll be inspired by scenery that will make your jaw drop. Don't miss experiencing the cosmopolitan cities of New York and Boston as you run through their historic streets, or if you prefer encountering some of the USA's wildlife, sign up for a race through the verdant valleys of northern state Alaska. Whatever your dream race time is, you'll be sure to find a route to make sure you truly enjoy the journey.

Antelope Canyon Ultramarathon
The epic scenery of the southwest has made it home to one of the most beautiful ultramarathon routes in America. The Antelope Canyon Ultramarathon takes place in one of the most photographed places in the world, which is also a sacred place for the Navajo. Winding through a spectacular red rock landscape, you'll pass Horseshoe Bend and the Waterholes Canyon before reaching the finish line. Every March, travel to nearby hub Las Vegas before you journey out to the spectacular desert landscape the race takes place in.
New York City Marathon
Don't miss being part of what has become the largest marathon in the world. The New York City marathon winds through each of the five boroughs of New York City and attracts more than 52, 000 runners. Held annually since 1970, the race takes place every November and starts on Staten Island, before taking you through Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Harlem and Manhattan. The race finishes at Central Park, where you can take a quick nap and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.
Big Sur Marathon
California's most epic footrace is the Big Sur International Marathon (in photo) which takes place every April. The organisers describe it as a run on the edge of the Western world, and it was founded in 1986, and now attracts more than 4,500 participants each year. Choose between a 21-mile race or a 5km run or relay race. You'll have incredible views of the Pacific Ocean to inspire you while you run.
Little Rock Marathon
For a quiet event, sign up to the Little Rock Marathon, held in the Arkansas state capitol. You'll be running around the historic city of Little Rock along with runners from over 15 different countries. It's a magical experience to pass through the atmospheric mansion-lined streets of the hilly neighbourhood Quapaw Quarters, before travelling out of town where you'll experience the rural back country along the Arkansas River. The race also has quirky features that reflect the local southern hospitality – including a lipstick stop so you can look good for your photo at the finish line.
Boston Marathon
What better race to complete than the world's oldest marathon? The Boston Marathon began in 1897, and since then has been held on Patriot's Day - the third Monday of April – every year. One of the six major world marathons, you'll wind through the bucolic countryside and quaint towns of New England, finishing off at Boston's historic Copley Square.
Crow Pass Ultramarathon
Iconic marathon Cross Pass Crossing takes place every July - a well-chosen date considering where this epic race takes place. Winding through the wild backcountry of northern state Alaska, the 22.5-mile route takes you from Girdwood to Eagle River, and the terrain along the way includes rocky mountain tops, with snow-capped peaks all around you. You'll also run through lush river valleys covered in forest. Look out for resident bears, bees and mouse along the way - you'll be easily distracted by the epic northern flora and fauna along this route.
Little River Canyon Half Marathon
For a peaceful race in a small town, head over to Fort Payne in Alabama. This race takes places every October, and only attracts around 100 runners, so you'll often be running alone in the beautiful landscape. It's a road-based course so you have time to focus on the scenery around you - which is truly fantastic, as the route curves around the edge of Little River Canyon, so you can cool down with river views, before tapering off into the bucolic farm country surrounding the town.


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